About Us

Interactive Playtime

Creative Minds childcare is a small boutique centre based in the heart of Henderson, located on Edmonton Road near the reserve.

Our Philosophy

At Creative Minds, we believe children learn in an environment where love and respect for each other creates positive energy. We value excitement, fun, laughter and enjoyment in learning and we seek to ignite a desire for life long learning in each child.

​Why Choose Us

  • Caring and safe environment

  • Small boutique centre

  • Special transition to school program

  • Individualised curriculum

  • Adventurous playground

  • Healthy fresh cooked meals onsite

  • Highly qualified teachers

Our Values

Relationships: Relationships and interactions between adults, and with children, are based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding. The child's best interests are a priority.

Communication: Communication between adults, and with children, happens regularly in meaningful, purposeful and positive ways.


Life Long Learning: Adults and children are encouraged to learn with, and alongside, each other to nurture the development of skills, attitudes and dispositions needed for life-long learning.


Environment: The environment reflects our belief in quality, and includes areas, resources, and learning programmes that have been thoughtfully considered, and which promote life-long learning, and an appreciation of the people, places and things around us.


Growth: Adults, and children, are seen as competent and capable learners. Continuous learning and development are encouraged and supported. As a centre, we look for ways to be innovative, and continuous improvement of our service.